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    I just finished re-designing my site over at I was hoping to get some feedback/criticism about it since I’m relatively n00bish to the web design world. Also, what do you guys think about running a blog as the front page? I’ve been mulling this over for a while now.

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    I think all in all I like it. Seems a bit blah for me though. I don’t see much "POP" off the homepage. I like the contrast between the dark blue and beige, but not that baby blue so much. The links, rollovers and general styles are all quite nice. But I might consider making those sky/baby blue boxes white to add some contrast and to fit into the color scheme a bit better.

    I really thought it was funny that you put "What We Use" – Our Brains :)

    As to running the homepage as the blog… really depends on what you’re going for. If someone comes to a site like this one, they kind of expect to see some fresh content. If they are coming to your site to find out what you can do for them, you’re better off making your homepage a strong marketing message.

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    Great criticism! I really appreciate your thoughts and comments and I like your ideas. I want to see what others suggest as well before I implement some changes. Thanks again!

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    First off, I like the simple color palette. Not a real fan of the homepage layout – too much text in the intro section – you need to tighten it up to one paragraph. I’d also make the intro span the entire width, and bump the other content boxes below it, to take up a bit of that empty space underneath. You need your visitors to see the footer sooner, because it has the most visual energy of the layout.

    Your branding is a little off – it looks like you have a polished logo in the footer, but that’s different than what’s in the header. You’re throwing too many visual cues of the same brand at your visitors – simplify it.

    I’d add your wife’s pic to the About page, to balance that.

    I’d also adjust the tagline to read "we build simple, clean, and flexible websites" or something like that – as it is now, it’s more of a statement – the Penned Web Design website is simple, clean, and flexible (it may very well be, but that’s not the point you’re getting across).


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