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    Hi there everyone, I spent a lot of time working out the details on my second WP site ever. Would greatly appreciate any feedback, criticisms, compliments, or suggestions that you might have.

    Cheers and thanks in advance!


    Overall, I think it’s pretty well done, however I think there are a few changes that could be made, First off, I think the footer is too large, 500px in height seems unnecessary. The sidebar seems like it has too much padding on one side, and therefore looks unbalanced, especially on the friends portion of it.

    Your comments form looks like it could use some styling, many people can create a wonderful looking site but then you scroll down and the forms seem to ruin it a bit, so perhaps work on those. For your archives section maybe you could provide an excerpt so we can get a small glimpse of what the post is about.


    Thanks for the feedback Tech, very useful comments! Definitely going to implement those changes.

    Thanks again.


    Any other takers? I’d be happy to check out your projects in return…=)


    I like it. A few points though:

    Always use a CSS reset! You notice the white border that goes around your header? This is caused by browsers using their default settings. If you want that border there, that’s fine, but make sure you create it yourself after doing a CSS reset. For more info, just google "css reset", there will be a bajillion links.

    The footer cuts of a little awkwardly on the sides. You’ve faded the top in, but the sides just stop abruptly, just doesn’t flow well for me.

    All of the links in the footer give up 404’s.

    On the About page there is a HUGE space between the content and the footer. That fixed height div has got to go!


    Amazing help Doc, thank you very much.

    I knew I was forgetting something (css reset) that was making those borders show up on the header. Fixed that right up.

    Quite right about the footer, I definitely left the footer hanging. I had intended on wrapping the whole page with a containing box, (much like Chris has on css-tricks) and never got around to it. I tried quickly adding a border to my page-wrap div but it wouldn’t extend down the page very far. Maybe z-index?

    Thanks again.



    I loved it, it´s pretty nice and clean, only thing that looks awkward is the footer, it should fit the whole horizontal space and be not that high.

    Other thing i saw weird, is the link hover color, Yellow /mostard color that doesn´t contrast well on white or the blue/green you used. try other one. The rest is pretty.

    keep it up

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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