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    Hello All,

    Happy New Year! I don’t post here frequently but I rely heavily on your advice and opinions. Here is change three to a site I have been working on for the past few months. Please go to town.

    The YaYa Ministry, Contact & Online Giving are not up yet.

    Also can anyone point me in the direction to fix my intro page. I do not know how to create a preloader for the video? I do not want visitor who may have a slower connection to see a blank screen. Thanks!

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    Preloader – have a look here :) … aders.html

    There isnt much anyone can advise you on that unless you let us have the full *.fla file. I have not done it in a long time, but basically you add a small animation, like a flashing "loading" or whatever with a conditional statement to the action script, that basically checks to see if the content in the next part of the timeline is loaded. If it is it moves to it, if not it loops the animation.

    Again, I have lost all skill in flash lol – especially since the changes its been through. But that link might help – there are also some great resources if you search for flash preloader tutorials :)

    As for the site I feel it really needs a footer, as it feels its kind of half loaded… Other than that its easy to read, the info is displayed with an easy to navigate bar. Im gad to see the news ticker is jscript and not the <marquee> tag lol… Design wise it could be prettyer, everything seems to float about abit, and a little boxy with no purpose – I don’t know what the brief was or weather this is your personal project for the church you attend… so I dont really know what the client wants. Do you have a free licence to do whatever you want?

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    Thanks for the flash link. I will check that out this evening.

    I forgot about the footer and will be working on that this evening. I am free to do whatever I want. The problem is I don’t have much design experience. I honestly prefer the coding so I find the design aspect to be a bit difficult. I am open to suggesstion on how I can improve the site. It is the church I attend but there paying me to update the site.

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