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    So I finally created a WordPress blog via a friend and his hosting space. Anyway, I created a blog theme myself, and I wanted some opinions on it.

    Thanks in advance. :-)


    the hover color on the logo hurts my eyes.


    Attractive and clean, with a distinct personality and cohesive visual style.

    I agree with the comments above, especially about the hover state of the logo – that’s gotta go.


    You could have equal spacing between each menu item. Right now, ‘Home’ doesn’t seem to be aligned to the left either and I would work on the type. The last thing I would do is give more space between ‘Social Media’ and ‘Partners’ (although I wouldn’t use “Partners” since that may look to be as if you and WordPress are doing business together).


    @Odd_E But instead of giving the list item a width, you could just use margin-right: 50px; or something. This way it aligns the menu to the grid. Also, you really don’t have to use a table for your footer content. Perhaps you could just list WordPress and MT logo’s on the right side of the footer?

    Edit: I just caught this. If you’re going to list your social media profiles in the sidebar, there’s no reason to have it in the footer.



    • nice texture in the header and footer. I think you should apply this to the body tag so it goes all the way down when content does not.
    • very clean and professional looking
    • easy to read


    • sterile…kinda boring
    • nothing in the design suggests ‘web design’ or ‘photography’ instead it implies ‘iPhone app’


    Your site theme and design should emphasize what you’re about. You say you’re a photographer but as a first time site viewer I wouldn’t believe it as there are 0 pictures on the landing page. Web design…hard to really tell because your theme is black and grey with really not much else on it. Do you have a logo? Any background pictures? Demonstration that you grasp some knowledge of web design beyond color tweaks of a basic WordPress theme?

    Not my intention to sound harsh, but just trying to offer some guidance on how to counter those cons that @schmotty said.


    I agree with theacefes, I like the site it’s clean but I think it could be more descriptive. When I visit a homepage of somone I want to instantly find out what the webpage is about and how to navigate it. The first thing I saw was the logo which is just a word I can’t pronounce, then I try to look at the content and that’s just a bunch of tests (which I’m sure your going to change but I’m just saying that what happens currently). Also Like a few others noted that there isn’t any pictures, Pictures really help me to feel more comfortable in a site. It could be anything from a nice graphic describing the Pro’s of working with you or simply a picture of you, anything like that would be great.

    Sorry I’ve probably put down your site too much, I really do like the fonts for the headings of the articles! Overall it does look very professional and well put together! Just needs somthing to make it different then some wordpress theme you downloaded. I do like the about me page you got, I almost feel that should be the front page.


    @Odd_E: ah, okay. No offense intended of course. Looking forward to seeing what it will look like when you’ve added content! :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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