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    Thinking of redesigning a magazine’s website, and would be really grateful on some feedback as to what you guys do and don’t think currently works well on it.

    Sorry about the rather ‘vibrant’ advert – that isn’t part of the usual site.

    Probably looking to make it look less cluttered, and make it clearer that it’s a magazine.


    It’s not an ugly site if you remove that background, but it did take a while to load on my computer


    Apart from what you have mentioned, i think you need to add some hover affects for the main/sub menu, as well as the featured magazine/featured events boxes. Something simple like greyscale to color on hover.

    I’d also recommend some borders around the content boxes to seperate them from the background, even if the advert isn’t going to be there usually. To be fair the site does look a lot better without the advert.


    Hi there… First I thought “uuuuuuuoooou!” Too much colors that destruct. Especially cause of background…


    I actually really like the vibrant colours, I’m a big fan of bold colours, but I agree that the corsa background is too much, it distracts from the content itself. Maybe just keep the banners and lose the background, although I understand that you can bring in more ad revenue by keeping it. Also, at the bottom of the site it feels like way too much movement in the gig ads, I don’t know which one to look at! I start looking at one and then another one distracts me and I go round in circles! AHHHH!!!!


    Thanks very much guys! Really helpful stuff, will look into it all.
    Going to try and give the magazine more prominence and separate out the content a bit more…


    Not bad!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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