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    Hey guys and gals,
    Almost finished with this site. I’m still new to Front End and it’s just me at the shop I’m at so looking forward to any positive feedback that can help me build this site to the level it needs to be. It’s still a WIP so the contact form is being worked on.

    Looking forward to what you guys have to say? Thanks so much!


    It would look better if you remove this “flashy” navigation.

    Then try to make text more readable ( better “font-family”, adjust “font-size”, etc.. ).

    And after all, try to pick up some good color combinations. Look at this site .


    Thanks for the comment man. The colors are the brand colors, so I can’t alter them. I’m also very familiar with Kuler, it rules man!


    Hey Ed,
    Appreciate the feedback. I totally agree. Unfortunately, the client wants to keep the animation on all the pages… sigh… Oh well. Thanks for the feedback!


    Hello Janet,
    You know I believe your right on the very vague index page. Unfortunately, I did not design this, just coded it. I am under a little control of creative directors regarding the design, but I believe you have a valid point.

    Thanks so much!



    I like the design of the main page and the secondary pages a lot individually but they seem disconnected. I would try to figure out a way to integrate them together. I wonder if keeping the initial frame on all the pages is doable?
    Also, have you tried centering the frame on the main page?

    That said, I really like the concept visually. It looks like the glyph you’re using is the Hebrew tree of life. Is that where you got the idea from?


    Hey Josiahmann,
    Honestly, I wasn’t the designer on the logo, so I have to say “IDK?”. lol.

    Thanks for the input man. So with the index frame being static, whenever I center it within the browser, it throws off the img that moves and things get funky. Unfortunately, I’m still a pretty new F.E.D. so I haven’t found a work around for that problem yet. Maybe in the future?

    Thanks again!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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