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    Hello Everyone,

    First of all thank you for helping me out, just joined here and I look forward to exploring this site in depth.

    I made a codepen to illustrate my issue.

    I am trying to have a simple square Before my h3 text – I have made a workaround with a “bg” div behind the h3, and then just adjusted the margin so that the background div shows, but I have a feeling there is a cleaner way to do this…

    I have tried a couple ways to insert some inline SVG code but I am having trouble getting the SVG to fit to the size of the h3 container (for responsive purposes) – also I read that article on using SVGs and Data URIs ( and would like to incorporate this to help on load time ( since these squares will eventually be in a wordpress theme and loading multiple times)

    Thank you for any help – I think there is a simple solution but I can’t seem to crack it


    why dont you try styling it with
    ` h3:before{

    height: /****same as h3’s height*****/
    width:/*****whatever you want******/

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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