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    ok so I have a slideshow for my portfolio on my website using js.
    now when you click on one of the images instead of a stupid lightbox popping up and telling you more info, I decided to have a div right below the slideshow with info.

    this div would load an html with the info for that image (the info is not just five words…) and if you click another image that info would change and basically its a dynamic div that loads different pages. this is also being done with js.

    when I learnt html from a book it taught me that frames were evil! so i never used them. is what I’m doing similar to frames? its just a div thats changing, not my whole website.


    They’re different because frames load complete pages, from html tag to html tag. You’re not doing that here. You’re just using Javascript to hide the element and show it when you want. It’s actually always there.


    thats the slideshow.
    the div below the slideshow IS grabbing a separate page using this:


    basically what is the difference between ajax and iframe?
    are they both bad?

    and if so ill just use a slideshow js to make certain divs appear.
    But when i use slideshow to bring in divs how many divs can I make before the site starts loading really slow?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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