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    I have a short question regarding showing information from WordPress outside of the WordPress installation: For a project at the company I work, I need a Script that shows up the search result count of a wordpress blog, outside of it. What I mean is a separate website, that is used as a metasearch engine (searches in different blogs), I have to show the search result number from a wordpress blog. There are different approaches that I have in mind. I could maybe use Tip Nr. 8 from this Smashing Magazine Article: … oop-hacks/

    which means creating my own WordPress Loop using The WP_Query Object in a File at the root folder and then inlude this php file in the separate website? or as a second approach I could try and modify this script from the wordpress forum:

    so that it pulls, not the the number of posts in the WP database but the search results count. Only I don’t know how to achieve it.

    Of course the query:

    // …Formulate the query
    $query = "
    SELECT *
    FROM `wp_posts`
    WHERE `post_status` = 'publish'
    AND `post_password` = ''
    AND `post_type` = 'post'";

    // …Perform the query
    $result = mysql_query( $query );

    // …Check results of the query and terminate the script if invalid results
    if ( !$result ) {
    $message = 'Invalid query.' . "n";
    $message .= 'Whole query: ' . $query ." n";
    die ( $message );

    // Init a variable for the number of rows of results
    $num_rows = mysql_num_rows( $result );

    // Print the number of posts
    echo "$num_rows Posts";

    hast to be different, but I´m really not a php master.

    I know i have to you include the wp-load.php in the external files (website outside wordpress) and then it is
    possible to use all WP-functions, also the Loop. I know also I can search with
    wp_query when you include that file, but how exactly?

    Thank you very much for your support! Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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