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    iv looked around and even found the couple lines of php for this but i still cant peice it together how i need it

    pretty much i have 3 pages, these pages should all display “menu2” if the visitor is not on any of the 3 particular pages, then they should see “menu1” i now thats a pretty straight forward bit of code . i think the heat is getting to me, can anyone help me out?

    thank you


    You could use two templates for this. Let’s say they are called template1.php and template2.php. Three pages that use menu1 use template1, and set the other pages to use template2.

    I assume you will put the menu in your header. In there, you can then use this code:

    If you’re creating the menus in WordPress, then it would end up something like this:


    Dear Senff..

    can you tell me where may i put the code in my WP source please ??



    I checked both of method for my page source but second one is work and first one nothing anyway. Please find that error.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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