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    I’m rather new to the hosting side of things. Curious if SSH Access should be used for hosting sites?


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    Depends unless its a really really antiqutated hosting provider SSH will probably be an option you won’t really ever use that much, unless you like getting stuck in at the terminal level. SSH is basically a remote terminal your account on the server

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    While it’s quite probable that you’ll never end up using it, any decent host will provide SSH access (maybe not with the cheapest plan, but it *will* be available). If it’s not supported at all, it *can* be a sign of a lazy or inept host.

    As I said, most people never use it. But make sure you **don’t** use it unless you know what you’re doing.

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    I would recommend that you learn how to use SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and stop using FTP. SSH is way more secure (i.e. it’s encrypted), more tolerant of firewalls and other security features, and it allows remote shell access.

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    My workflow is probably not in line with the masses, but I use NetBeans as my IDE. It’s configured to deploy css/php/etc via SSH. I also work with separate prod and dev environments. It’s very easy to test changes in dev and then promote the changes. Not sure how I would accomplish this without SSH.

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    Thanks for the input

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    I use ssh all the time, works great.

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