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    Tim Rourke

    Hey, guys!

    So I’ve been working on my company’s web site for a while and I’m nearly ready to deploy. I started it in WordPress but eventually took it out of WordPress and rewrote it in straight PHP because I was barely using any of the blog, comment, and dynamic content features WordPress provides.

    Now it’s SO MUCH easier to write this site from a development point of view because I don’t have to manage a database, and I assume going without WordPress means less overhead, faster loading, and less security concerns.

    Am I nuts to go without some sort of CMS or static site generator? Is this a totally anachronistic approach to web development? What would WordPress do for me that I’m not aware of in the background?

    A bit of context here:

    The site is basically some typical brochureware with maybe 10-15 pages. Also, please note: this is totally my first real web site. There’s a lot I don’t understand, so I’m hoping for verbose arguments and lots of devil’s advocates. Just assume I have no earthly idea what I’m doing. : )



    If you think WordPress is overkill, it probably is. Having said that, not all CMSs are as heavy as WordPress. I’ve really enjoyed working with Kirby CMS. It sounds a lot like what you’ve got already but it comes with the added benefit of being able to install a panel that users (or clients) can access and edit content from the browser using Markdown.


    WordPress is not just a system to manage content though. It’s also a templating system, which can be handy if you want to centralize stuff that appears on many pages (like headers, footers, sidebars) and you think you may want to change that at a later point in time.


    @Senff – I would assume he’s doing just that if he’s using PHP.


    Should I use WordPress for a static site?


    From business perspective this question is silly at this point in the design process. All you’ll end up doing is wasting time (money) now.

    Whether you should use CMS or not should have been ironed out before design process started. And should have been included in project requirements.

    The site is basically some typical brochureware with maybe 10-15 pages.

    Plain HTML/CSS + JS (if necessary)… hand over the project and be done with it. Don’t contemplate any further.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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