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    Hi All,

    I am modifying the vickiworks wordpress theme to my liking. In doing this I have come across an issue I am not sure how to fix. The background of my middle div is for some reason shifting a few pixels to the right. Please take a look at the following link.

    I am not sure why this is happening.

    Any Ideas?


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    Well, I would have to say that the problem is that your code is allittle sloppy. You have things in there that don’t need to be there. for example. you have your latest posts, categories, and tags in a sidebar div, but then you have divs with a class of clear wich suggests that you floated each category, wich you don’t need to do because you have them wrapped. So if you have latest post floated left and categories floated left, that would probably be why your sidebar is messed up. So look at that code and try to clean it up. put everything in an unordered list. something like this

    • Latest Posts.

    • Categories

    • Tags

    then float the sidebarwrapper to the right or left of the main content. Whatever you need it to be and then clearn the floats for the footer.

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    Hi Cyber!

    Thanks for the reply. I have gone in and streamlined the code as much as I could. I am using wordpress and am still getting used to the modular system in how it works. The existing theme I am using had the "Latest Posts" "Categories" and "Tags" surrounded by H3 tags rather then LI and the items inside them as LI. I am not exactly sure why but when I changed it out things didn’t show up correctly. Nevertheless the final design won’t have those sections at all. I plan to dig more to figure it out though. In addition, I am a novice CSS coder so anyhelp in streamlining and explaining how things work is much appreciated.

    All that said, the solution was fixing the images. I had them a little off (the background was smaller then the rest).

    Thanks again for your help,

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