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    Time for me to replace my current work machine wich is and older iMac with a smaller second monitor. I’m waffling between a couple scenarios.

    1) 27″ iMac with additional 24″ monitor.

    2) macbook w/ 2 24″ monitors.

    The portability of the macbook is appealing but I have a few concerns. For one, I’m not really into dropping that much coin on 2 apple displays. Any recommendations on alternative monitors of decent quality. Also, is cumbersome to drive 2 external displays from a macbook?


    I’d just roll with a 27″ iMac (as top of the line as you can afford) and later on down the line get a Macbook Air for travel or meetings.

    As a web developer, I find the 27″ iMac to be enough screen real estate for me (which is what I have at the office). At home I’m on a Mac Pro (love me the expandability, though it’s more power than I need) with a 23″ and 22″ monitor. I also have an older Macbook kicking around for when I’m lounging on the couch or traveling.


    Can beat the bang for your buck with the iMacs. I’m going to be working from the road for about a month this summer. While not a reason to choose on or the other, it certainly makes me think twice.

    I do have a older macbook that in the house that I can use that is mostly my fiances. It’s just a PITA to switch between two machines in terms of tools, syncing stuff and development environment…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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