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    I’m developing a wordpress based site in which I need to create a searchable directory of members businesses based on state.

    Basically, I need to have control over who is listed in the database. They will be listed Alphabetically by state.
    Other listed information will include Name, Company Name, City, State, and contact info.

    Potentially, a perspective client will fill out a form with various information…

    Part of that information will be used to find a provider located in their area.

    Currently I have been experimenting with a few WordPress plugins for creating directories, but aren’t quite fitting the need correctly. Also the forms don’t integrate with the directory search plugins.

    This is something new to me… Anybody have any ideas how I should go about it?



    I’m not totally sure how much this will help, but have you looked at this:

    I would imagine a lot of it would apply to your project.


    Oh, found this one too:


    Thanks for the reply Falkencreative.

    Those didn’t exactly fit the bill…
    I have found a few different plugins, but none seem to do what I really need.
    I am considering inputting the member listings manually in wordpress because there won’t be too many…
    Basically, all of the providers within a particular state will be listed on a static page with the name of the state.
    In the end, though, if I do that, they won’t be editable by the individual members. Still working on this… however the bigger issue is going to be search.

    Everyone will be listed by state. I’m trying to figure out a way to include a search, but one that only allows for search by states listed and not turn up any other results other than the providers from those states or the static "state" page (if I go that route). This won’t be a search for anything else on the site. Not sure how to go about this.


    Found an interesting way to use some plugins and hacks to create custom fields for the default wordpress (back-end) profile.
    Kind of a mish-mosh of a few different solutions. I settled on using the CIMY Extra Fields, and User Photo plugins and editing the user edit.php file to remove unwanted fields and display fields in the order I want. This allows both admin and users to edit their profiles.

    I am still having trouble implementing the pages, though…. I have also tried a mess of different plugins trying to display authors with zero posts, and so far nothing has worked quite right. There are many tutorials on the plugins to use, etc. But no one is clear on how exactly toimplement the php pages to go along with them… (wp_list_authors, authors.php, etc.) Additionally, no one has explained how they got the search working to search just the member(author) listings.

    Here are a few links that got me going… … -communit/ … directory/

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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