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Sass.mode for Coda

  • # March 2, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    Hey hi everyone, I’m trying to re-take the project that Brajeshwar left 2years ago

    but The technical issue here is that I’m not use to this kind of customizations , the good news is that is not a science to create a .mode, the other good news is that GitHub Exist.

    In my first attempt, I tried to add the most recent CSS.mode file to the Sass.mode , I was successful, but some Sass Syntaxis events of Brajeshwar stop working. (crap)

    Then I take the Sass .seesstyle that came in

    and change it to math with my crapy Sass.mode version.

    People , I’m asking for help , please let’s update this for Coda.

    Please!, really , please

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