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    Travis Love

    Well several months later, and a few more classes under my belt, I am back for more. With every new iteration of my website, it seems to improve (or at least for me it seems it does). But it seems that my audience might not seem to think so. I have posted on Craigslist, twitter, fb, etc. And it seems that I am getting nothing, and I mean–email phishers love me more–nothing. A surge is maybe eight visitors every time I post a blog.

    So I come to you looking for suggestions. I am a disabled entrepreneur trying to get my name out there even given my added complication. What am I doing wrong site wise, what can I improve? What are your suggestions for someone who may not be able to hunt for work in the public forum as well as others?


    Travis Love

    Thanks Josh, I appreciate the help.

    I do indeed love MODx. Since I jumped into it straight from just an HTML/CSS background, the transition to it was quite simple compared to if I had WP beforehand. Because of that I am hesitant to try anything else. WordPress will always be a blog platform, it may try and expand to other areas, but its core strength will always be “bloggy”. But MODx (I use revo) has always been expansive, but so much so that at times it feels unfocused and less refined. It can do a lot, but not a lot of it is done perfectly. But I like the flexibility of having a CMS that I can add functionality to like an expansion pack. I want blogging? Fine I will add that module, or e-commerce, fine I will add VisionCart. At times adding capabilities is as simple as a plugin, but the choices are still a little limited especially compared to WP, but half of WP’s plugins are spotty at best.


    I think you could do with a little more padding between a few things. For example the Current Projects box. Some extra padding between the title, image and content would space out the site a little more and make it appear more full if that makes sense.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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