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    I’m trying to get a better handle on grid and flexbox.

    I’m taking a look at this article: Look Ma, No Media Queries! Responsive Layouts Using CSS Grid.

    It seems to me that by using grid, auto-fit, we’re treating grid very similarly to flexbox (wrap and flex-grow).

    Codepen example

    It seems that by using auto-fit, grid is essentially becoming one-dimensional. To my amateur eyes, most of the examples given in the article “Look Ma…” can be accomplished with flexbox (except for the one that uses grid-auto-flow: dense;). So, why is grid preferable in these examples?


    For many layouts flexbox requires additional wrapping elements where css-grid does not which leads, often, to cleaner lower maintenance HTML.

    Frankly, as long as you understand the feature, possibilities and limitations of both layout methods it’s not a question. You use whichever fits your requirements the best.

    There’s no reason to prefer on over the other unless one of them can’t do what you want.


    Thanks for the reply. That all makes sense.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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