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    I have been working on this for 2+ weeks and have stopped to clear my mind with a few drinks and hope someone can help. I am trying to make an in-house email system and am struggling with a CSS part of the div. The div “everythingelse” is suppose to shrink and expand as the page re-sizes, and it does, but now the right side box “page_Rite” slides right into that area and looks a mess. I have stripped so much out of the original file and here is the bare bits and bones. Please help.

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    Please don’t drop a dump of code like takes up way to much space, is hard to read, and rarely contains enough detail to identify the issue.

    Try making a Codepen Demo instead.

    See the Tips Box on the right –>

    Help us help you.


    Paulie, sorry for that. no excuses and I will provide going forward.

    Atelierbram, thank you for help. You made everything fluid and I am trying to stay away from that because a few of the fields are pretty much fixed. The first field with the checkbox would be used to move or delete mysqli records, the second field is the id number, which will be removed after testing. The last field is the date and that is pretty much fixed also. I used the calc in hopes of keeping it simple, especially when I put them in media queries. Is there a way, floats, or anything else, that I can use to keep some fixed and only the 1 field fluid? I even considered flex box, but there isn’t any polyfill for older models of browsers yet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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