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    I’m writing an application that could use some organizing and seperation (I think).
    I’ve looked to RequireJS for this.

    If I have two modules that will be using the same group of “global” variables, how do I set things up to allow this? The only way I can think of doing the global variable between multiple modules is to also create a module FOR the variables.

    I have a feeling that I’m overthinking things are setting up my modules incorrectly. Here is a module for example:

    var DrawScript = function(){
        var DRAW = 0,
            SELECT = 1,
            SCROLL = 2;
        var MOUSEBUTTONS = {
            'S': 83,
            'C': 67,
            'D': 68,
            'DELETE': 46,
            'BACKSPACE': 8
        var init = function(){
        return {
            init: init

    Now, how do I use the MOUSEBUTTONS variable in another module without return it as well? I have quite a few other global variables I’m using within this module, so returning them all seems extreme. Maybe not though, hence this post :)


    Check out the requirejs.config() method (which can be used to pass data “down” to modules in your app):

    Some more discussion:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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