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    This is driving me absolutely bonkers.
    I have an Image Gallery and when you click on a picture in the Gallery it takes you to an enlarged image, out of the gallery and then displays text on the left – Index, Previous, Next.

    I’d like to replace the word Index with a picture of a grid representing the “index” or the image gallery.
    I’ve tried everything imaginable, beyond the proper way to execute it and to use a common phrase from the english tongue – this sucks!
    I’d also like to replace previous and next with text arrows.

    One of the problems is, I can’t even find the d*** text in the template i’m using. I’m not sure if I can mention the site I am using, but the problem is, there is about 50 overrides, tons of css, javascript, html etc laid out in god knows where. I’ve figured most of it out using Cssedit but I can’t figure out where to begin if I even wanted to just replace the text itself with text. So, I have figured I, I think where to replace the text with the grid….
    this is the script….

    I could be wrong but this seems to be the area where I need to be looking…

    any help is beyond greatly appreciated.


    Hey @onement,

    It would help if we can see the HTML, but I’m assuming structure in next example. Try this SVG version.

    make sure to save svg files to your own server and link form there


    haha! yes, it does work! awesome! thanks! and i’ve saved the images to my server. now i just have to figure out how to make it work this cdn i’m using…i just now started using this
    and i have no idea what they’ve done with the html. you can “add” html but it seems like they’ve hidden the html very well. either that or i’m a complete moron. hopefully after getting some rest i’ll have something figured out by tomorrow. i’ll email them if worse comes to worse. sadly they’re isn’t much info on dpg yet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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