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    The in-progress site in question is here.

    I have reset my CSS, and in general this squashes browser differences. However, I’m running into something odd that I can’t figure out. Everything looks fine in webkit (Chrome and Safari), but my DIVs start to collapse somewhere after the #slider DIV. I’m trying to be really careful about clearing my floats, but obviously I’m missing something. I’ve also see on other forums that Google fonts sometimes cause problems in rendering the height of text properly, and I’m building this to be responsive so I’m using a lot of ems and percentages. It was suggested that <link> should be avoided in favor of @import for Google Fonts. I’ve tried both methods, same results. Anyone know what’s up here? Not sure it has anything to do with Fonts.


    I thought any body-level element could nest within anything in HTML5, so thanks for the tip! I commented out the entire list just to see if that would fix things, and I’m still seeing the same issue. I can’t figure it out! Live testing site is updated, here.


    Looks like it was just the lack of images in tags.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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