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    I’m looking for a good rounded corners technique. Anything you’ve used & found to be particularly brilliant!

    1> cross-browser compatible as much as possible (IE 6 friendly ideally due to our websites target audience)
    2> idiot proof (I’m an idiot!)
    3> no images would be ideal but will consider image based techniques
    4> An easy to adapt script or plugin would be considered but something that works with javascript turned off would be ideal (not sure if that’s actually possible though)
    5> our website gets lots of hits so we’re always looking for low bandwidth solutions to everything.
    6> nothing too quirky or fragile – not too many hacks or something that falls over now and again



    If you want no images and cross-browser behavior, you may want to look into PIE.


    I would simply use CSS3 rounded corners. They degrade perfectly for IE, you still get your proper colors, you just don’t get rounded corners. IE users should be used to this by now.


    Pie looks awesome Kestral, will test it out soon – thanks.

    Doc – that would be fine for me but my boss will insist on rounded corners in IE


    Bosses are funny that way :)

    Untitled #3

    Also a great extension: ECSSTender (Extender) –

    After downloading it, you need to embed ECSSTender and the extension of your choice from In your case, that’d be the Backgrounds and Borders.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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