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    Hello again fellow designers…

    Here’s a redesign of an agent’s site that I first created back in October. This one is now on WP for articles. Only thing left I think is to add the property search and the photo tours again.

    Comments, suggestions, etc, would be great! Thanks.

    # June 3, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    The first thing that strikes me, is that the banner looks a bit tacky. I’m guessing you can’t do much with the logo, but maybe you should :p Looks like someone went to town on bevel&emboss + outer glow. And the multiple images with the fade in between..

    I like the "wrap-around" you have with the green banners, a nice little effect. But I don’t like the font as much, and IMO there’s too much shadow around them (the smaller ones).

    The slide show looks good, but there seems to be a couple of pixels where the slide show container leaves a white strip on each side.

    And placing the search box at the bottom left was an interesting sollution. Any reason for this?

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    Yea, the shadow on the smaller headers is just a stroke outline actually… I thought so the same, but that is a result of settling I suppose. Well, I wanted the search bar to be on every page, and I ended up sticking it in the footer…. I should of thought out the design better to include it in the header. The white stipes on either side are meant to be there… its a little padding because the faded black banners, triangles, etc, actually protrude out into those spaces… i was trying to go for a less perfectly structured box effect.

    The banner looking tacky.. is that a result of only the logo? or the whole fading images into each other thing? Thing is, one of those pictures was requested to be integrated into the site(besides just showing it once as a regularly placed image) and rather then just have one random picture on the header, I wanted to add the others for a fuller feel. Now that I think about it, if those images are too tacky, I could always reduce the amount and add the search bar on the top green banner.

    Thanks for the input!

    # July 16, 2009 at 10:11 am

    This is a good site, the content is really well put together, however I have come across a few issues. they are as follows; firstly your main header image (images/bg-header.jpg) takes a while to load, although I understand this isn’t really much of a problem you might want to look in to image compression. And secondly your 404 page. The links that are displayed are way off to the left. But again – it’s a nice site!

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