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    Hello again fellow designers…

    Here’s a redesign of an agent’s site that I first created back in October. This one is now on WP for articles. Only thing left I think is to add the property search and the photo tours again.

    Comments, suggestions, etc, would be great! Thanks.


    The first thing that strikes me, is that the banner looks a bit tacky. I’m guessing you can’t do much with the logo, but maybe you should :p Looks like someone went to town on bevel&emboss + outer glow. And the multiple images with the fade in between..

    I like the "wrap-around" you have with the green banners, a nice little effect. But I don’t like the font as much, and IMO there’s too much shadow around them (the smaller ones).

    The slide show looks good, but there seems to be a couple of pixels where the slide show container leaves a white strip on each side.

    And placing the search box at the bottom left was an interesting sollution. Any reason for this?


    This is a good site, the content is really well put together, however I have come across a few issues. they are as follows; firstly your main header image (images/bg-header.jpg) takes a while to load, although I understand this isn’t really much of a problem you might want to look in to image compression. And secondly your 404 page. The links that are displayed are way off to the left. But again – it’s a nice site!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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