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    Hi everybody!

    Previously I’m used pixels for measures.

    Now I’m looking for using rem, vh, vw units.

    With text scaling – no problem.

    Also, no problem if we want to set a height of block in vh vh

    BUT how to draw in Sketch, or Photoshop template for this?

    If we draw a fixed template in Sketch, yes, we can draw mobile version, tablet version occasionally

    But in real life, if we use non pixel-perfect units our design can’t be 1:1 with ready product.

    Maby some try to realize something like CSS Cards with Relative units please give example.

    Again I understand that is easy to set padding, margins, font sizes in em, rem if we want to make something like “H1 header with background and border”.

    But how to use it in more and more complicated objects I can’t imagine.

    How to set dynamical sizes of icons for example. (without media queries)

    Kind Regards,


    hmmmm have the same question. anybody?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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