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    I am have been working on a web app that allows people to create business proposals online and then send those proposals to their clients.

    I am just interested in hearing your thoughts and whether it would be something you would use in your business?

    The application is quite fully developed with enough features to class it as a minimal viable product however I will be rebuilding it from scratch soon anyway as I want it to work slightly differently.

    Here is the link to the web app …

    You can sign in to the web app and have a play around with it using the following details …

    username: [email protected]
    pass: test

    The emailing of proposals to clients may not work as I have just switched hosts and need to setup my SMTP server. So the emailing of proposals may not work. However you can click the “View” button on the Proposal details page which will show you what the final version of the proposal you send out to clients would look like anyway.

    Alternatively if you cannot be bothered to sign into the systems you can always watch this 12 minute demo video of the system I put together at …

    Please tell me your thoughts, is this something you would use in your business?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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