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    here is the website:

    the visual that i want inside the ‘.project_content’ is that one:
    .one row, for the blue images

    .one row, for the red images [below the blue images row]

    .one row, for the text [below the red images row]

    i’ve achieved this visual by putting a very high number for the **width** property, in the **.project_content** code

    but with this method if, somehow, any other project has more ‘blue images’ and requires more space, i will have a problem…because it’s a ‘static’ value

    nevertheless, by this method, i will always show lots and lots of empty space, that could not exist!

    so i need a code that says that the website will expand horizontally as much as one of the rows [blue image, red image or text] requires….but it will stop as soon as it reaches the limit of the largest row

    when i have only text, like here: , it works fine!

    but when i have images don’t…

    someone has any idea for a code?!




    It will be clearer for us to see and help you if you make a [reduced test case](”) on [CodePen](”).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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