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    Hey guys. I recently bought a Mac and was wondering if there were any applications for storing client information. Like, storing the ftp information, wordpress information, database information, domain name information, etc. Or, what programs do you guys use?

    I tried Excel but it kinda sucked.


    Not a bad question.

    I’ve been using simple organized email for the longest time, but realize this is a silly way to go about it. I just ran by this little guy on ThemeForest … ager/52193 that I’m contemplating having a go with.


    Yeah, some of those might help. What I was thinking would be perfect was creating a little AJAX application that has like a list of clients. I click a client then it goes to all their information:

    • GoDaddy username/password login and a link to where to login[/*:m]
    • Verizon username/password login and a link to where to login[/*:m]
    • Or other hosting/domain hosting places[/*:m]
    • A list of all the domains they own and where to access them[/*:m]
    • FTP username/password and server[/*:m]
    • Their contact info like phone number, email, etc[/*:m][/list:u]

      And make it so you can just add new clients from the client list page by clicking like add new client and it does it all in-page. Same with the individual client pages, like have a label GoDaddy then have inline editable boxes for the username, password, etc. And each time I click the create a new client thing, it would use the same template used for all the other clients. If some clients didn’t have GoDaddy information, that information would just be left blank.

      The problem is, I don’t know enough about AJAX to accomplish this. I’ve seen some tutorials that were about making some of the features I’m looking for but I can’t find them in my 89294823975925957923 bookmarks :( Do you guys know of any that would help with any of the stuff I’m looking for? :D


    One option is some sort of note keeping program. I like Evernote — it has desktop, online and iphone versions, so I have notes wherever I go. I keep a clients folder with notes per client, and it does a good job of keeping everything organized.

    One thing I ran across the other day which seemed like a cool idea (but perhaps you wouldn’t end up using all of the features) is It has a useful client management section which might come in handy.


    Hmmm, that freelance website looks pretty good. I’m a little low on money so I wouldn’t be able to buy it. Also, for security reasons, I don’t know if it would be a good idea to have something online with like all the information and passwords for all my clients. I don’t know… what does Chris Coyier use? :D

    Chris Coyier

    I literally use little text files I keep in part of the main folder for clients/projects/ideas. The text file has stuff like you mentioned, database names / passwords, hosting / ftp info, registrar info, email passwords, whatever. I’m a pretty "in the cloud" kinda guy, but this stuff I definitely keep local and organized by project.


    Okay, I guess I’ll just stick to something simple and try normal text files in client folders or Excel files. I don’t know enough to make a good local app that would function to meet all those types of needs.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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