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    Im trying to create an html app for android, not a website. Im trying to make a contact page on muse because i cant code. I have written the app already in notepade without software. I just needed muse to create one page to add to my index folder. When I finish the contact page on muse I get this dialog box to export the page as an html doc asking for a url, I dont even know what to type here I just type a random fake site; then the exporting begins and i get this message

    “1 Warning
    Form WidgetsLibrary::simple_contact Form is configured with an email address of [email protected], which does not match the server name Some hosting providers refuse to send emails from email addresses on different hosts. If submitting your form does not send email as expected, change the first email address listed in your Muse form to an address on and try again.”

    When I open the page and test the contact form I get a message telling me there was an error because the php script is missing or not configured properly. I have all the files and folders saved and there are multiple php and js files in a script folder. How do i fix this problem.


    I dont even know what to type here I just type a random fake site;

    I’m going to guess that your problem is probably related to this. Also, tangentially related, how did you write an Android app but couldn’t include a contact form? Surely the Android SDK must have something that could facilitate this?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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