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    Im creating my new portfolio in wordpress and im trying to load via load method a div which has the html for the accordion in my page i load all the css from the start the jquery library
    then im writing my jquery :

    NOTHING WORKS The return false doesnt works . The load of the html works .
    plz check it in i cant understand the wrong


    Looking at the source of your page, I’m not seeing anything on it that looks like the code you’ve posted. I saw something called l10.js, a couple of scripts that look like the work with Simple Lightbox, and two versions of jQuery (1.6.4 called at the end, and 1.6b4 called in the head). Where should I be looking for the code in question? Has it been minified or uglified?


    The return false isn’t working because it needs to be wrapped in a document ready function:

    $('.wrapper li a').bind({
    click: function() {
    return false;
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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