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    Hi guys,

    So I am doing a blog install for a client… adding a wordpress blog in their site… it’s pretty much done apart from one thing…

    I am getting a 28px margin at the top of the page, and I can’t find where this is coming from! It’s not in the style.css, and it doesn’t seem to be hardcoded anywhere. In Firebug it says that the rule is html {margin-top:28px;} but strangely it’s saying that it’s coming from blog #3 (line 28) – WTF?

    So anyway… i have added html {margin:0px;} to the style sheet, and also hardcoded it in the header… but it seems that the styling is then being pulled in after the header and thus is over-riding it! I just don’t know where it’s coming from so that I can remove it.

    Thanks for any help in advance!

    The website is


    ok that’s very interesting! thanks for the feedback…

    i am using Firefox and it has this really annoying 28px top margin!

    does anybody know how to remove it? thanks


    I’m on my phone so can’t check it, but my first thought is that it’s to do with the admin tool bar. Is it only happening when you’re logged in? Try and logging out and checking if it’s still there. If it is that then use display none of the admin bar in the CSS.


    FF 4.0.1 on Snow Leopard, no top margin visible for me. Good luck… :)


    I can almost guarantee it’s for the admin bar!


    before your closing body tag.


    doc you are a bad mutha fucka! thanks dude :)

    you were totally right. i added the code and logged out and it’s all good. thank you!

    thanks to all of you for your help as well.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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