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    By accepting anything below minimum wage. And that’s money paid to you, after taxes and other expenses. If the project runs longer than expected, this will essentially cut into your profit.

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    Thanks for all the help, guys!

    I sort of expected that the first time will be pretty much an experiment, only after that I will be able to analyse the actual time needed for completion and estimate a minimum wage for the future projects.

    Thanks a lot again, many great thoughts, I’m very grateful!

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    Bumping this with this link:


    Direct link to all podcasts:

    Value Pricing… first couple of seconds there are some tech issues just fast forward little bit…

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    Value based pricing is something that I’ve been doing some research on for the last couple of months and so this is an interesting discussion. Did anyone else listen to what Alen linked?

    I thought it was a very intriguing concept. I think at the end of the day there is a developing expertise that you just are not going to get with any other designer. For example, if you approach each project not just as a project, but as an opportunity to consult solutions that have total business impact, that is something the guy down the street who is just calculating hours isn’t going to include. That has value.

    I’m personally looking at a bit of a hybrid where I know for a fact that I’m moving toward value based pricing, which isn’t what the market can bear, but it’s more of adding a premium for services that you know are unique to what you bring to the table. I’m looking at creating some kind of baseline and then developing on top of that. If someone gets more face time, more conversations and more information than anyone else and on top of that advice on how to market their business, not only does that provide a much higher value, but you as the business professional needs to continue to support advancing knowledge.

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