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    I’m curious if there is a preferred method for securing webfonts (@font-face) on a server. I’ve read a few bits about obfuscating the font file to prevent desktop use, and using .htaccess to block outside hot linking of the various files. Is there a more streamline approach to this method that anyone knows? Essentially I do not want users to have access for downloading the font files, etc.


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    @Rugg Why, what webfonts are you using that you need to hide them?

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    @Rugg They will provide you with a zip file that includes the webfonts and CSS.

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    @Rugg The CSS they provide will already be encoded so that won’t be an issue.

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    @Rugg It will basically look like this:

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    @Rugg They’ve been working on them for quite some time which were released to a select few for beta testing. Mostly those who are “high profile” on the web. I hear they will be released pretty soon, though.

    I’m not knowledgeable on base64 but basically I think it just encrypts the URL.

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