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    I have div set position sticky that contains a button inside .
    When the div containing the button is normal the button works fine.
    When I scroll the page, the div go’s into “sticky mode” as planned but the button inside the div is not clickable ,it won’t even recognize the hover.

    how do the get the button to behave still while it’s parent is position:sticky


    A minimal Codepen Demo would be useful but my first instinct is to think it’s a z-index issue.


    I been banging on this for a few days with no luck . My projects are private with a mostly chrome demographic . It works as intended in safari and firefox .
    Then i found this this morning

    Can anyone update me or confirm that it is indeed a chrome bug.
    I know the stack reply doesn’t have a green check but I can confirm the behavior sporadic at best .
    I can get the buttons to react if I scroll the mouse one click at a time, very odd!


    Just updated to Chrome 66. Works like a charm no z-index needed

    thanks for the reply Paulie_D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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