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    Hello! :D

    This is my first post here – i am just starting with HTML/CSS and generally web design, so my questions can be really really basic and simple! Here we go!

    For a few days i have been building my first website – a portfolio website. My website structure is pretty simple, i got the Welcome page, About page, Main Content page, Contact page – nothing impressive!

    I built first the – lets call it – Casing of the webpage, so the Navigation bar, Social media panel, some logos and simple information. This Casing is something that is going to be repeated and be present among all the pages – thats why i called it casing. All of my code like html and css is being repeated and then i just add some content that is unique for a specified page.
    My question is as follows – is there any clever way of not repeating the same code over and over on all those pages, just write it once and then just change the content of different pages? I hope that I expressed myself clearly :D




    you are looking for Content Management System or CMS script or software and it is not related to CSS.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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