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    Hey all! So I am starting to wrap up my portfolio website and was wondering what advice everyone might have? The audience consists of potential clients as well as jobs I may apply to. Another question I have is if the scrolling is too much, and should I break each section up into a new page? Also should the four title words on the home page each link to a page?

    The website is:

    Thank you!

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    Hi Harris!

    This is just my experience:

    It’s hard to read. The reverse font makes my eyes spin at 12px in paragraphs — and especially centered!

    I’d try and make it simpler without as much background distraction. Increase the font size and less white type.

    Yes, those box headers as the top seem like they should link somewhere.

    It’s super hard doing your own site… I need to redo mine and I keep putting it off, so congrats on that hurdle!

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    I don’t like the font faces. Times New Roman works for titles, not body copy. As a general rule, I would suggest you use a nice serif face (such as Times New Roman) on headings and a sans-serif on body copy (such as Arial).

    There also doesn’t seem to be enough padding around elements like the Websites, Apps, Robotics, etc section. Make that text bigger, pad it more, and use a better font face.

    I like what you were going for at the top with the blue, green, yellow & purple colours. On the section where you describe your work you use much uglier colours. Not only is that unsightly, it’s also inconsistent. Consider changing them for the prettier colours used above.

    I also don’t think rating your skills out of 5 stars is a very good idea. It shows you doubt yourself if you think can’t do something well. Potential clients are going to find that unattractive. Lose the star rating system entirely. You’re not an Amazon product.

    Finally, why is the last section that includes a Facebook link not lined up with the other elements on the page? Also, shouldn’t that be in the Contact Me section above?

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    Thank you janet4now and Ed for all your suggestions. I definitely agree that trying to read the light on dark text is extremely difficult. I will make all the changes both of you suggested and see how it looks.

    I may also attempt designing and using a different, lighter design for the site, that uses the dark on light technique.

    Again, Thank you!

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