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    Here is a clean simple layout that I am proposing to use.
    Any feedback as well as suggestions will be really appreciated.

    Thanking you all in advance.

    PS Can anyone see how to move the Nav Text up by a couple of px?

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    DOH!!!! I did not post the URL so here it is …

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    It is simple and clean, but I’m not getting any real sense of depth to it. The only way I can describe it is that it looks kind of dated, like tips on how to beat Oregon Trail would feel at home there.

    I think if you are using this for a personal blog, then it may work. But on a business level you don’t have much in terms of logo space or website title space. The photos are just kind of there with no integration. Some soft gradients could go along way in making a natural separation for each element. You may want to look at the menu and possibly use some darker or lighter colors for the buttons and maybe even use a different font. Consider also making a very definable separation between the content area and the footer – some kind of color difference, dividing line, etc.

    It’s a good start and a solid basic layout. Keep at it and you could have something re-usable there.

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