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    I am pretty much new to jquery. Kindly help me to Create a 4 state button of the following features:
    Style a simple link so that is behaves as depicted below
    • When the user hovers over the link the text and background color should change
    • When the link is clicked the text should change as well as the background image.
    • After the user clicks the link and then moves the mouse off the link the hover behavior should change – the hover would then cause a different background image and the text to change.
    • Click the link a second time should cycle it back to the original behavior

    I was asked to use an image of a star which will change the above states when hovered etc.

    Kindly help.Thnks in advance

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    1) This doesn’t sound like you’re having a "problem", this sounds like you’re asking for somebody to do this for you.

    2) It doesn’t look like you need JQuery to do this, you could just use CSS.

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    First I would recommend posting this in the javascript section, then, I would suggest watching Chris’s video on jQuery… We’re a helpful bunch here on CSS-Tricks, but you can’t simply ask for someone to do your work for you without producing even the slightest example of your own attempt.

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