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    Hi, I’ve put off asking for any advice until I’ve exhausted all avenues I can possibly think of.

    I’ve installed mint and all it works, hurrah! However I want to set it up so the .htaccess uses the auto.php to insert the javascript so I don’t have to manually.

    Now I know a bit of PHP, and a bit about .htaccess but when I’ve done everything in the instructions, it seems to break the links in my site, and any link I click on, it attempts to go to that page, but then downloads the file (not as .html, but as the title of the page, this may be an important clue as to what’s going wrong) and then goes back to the page I was on.

    In the instructions it said add the tag to the auto.php file, however it seemed to already be there, or am I missing something?

    I did have a re-direct in the .htaccess adding www. onto the url but I tried taking this out, and it didn’t help. In fact I’ve also tried new blank/dummy html files, and lots of bug testing, but no luck. I’ve got PHP 4 installed and the hosting is with Media Temple.

    Any ideas? Help most appreciated, it’s driving me nuts.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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