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    I’ll keep it short, and hopefully someone can find a solution…

    One of my websites, has a background issue. On every page, the main content block has a a background-color #ccc applied. You won’t see it on a web browser, and you won’t see it on an iPad… it’s only being rendered this way on an iPhone. (tested with iPhone 4 / 5)

    I’ve checked and I cannot find a background being set to #ccc grey anywhere…. I’m pulling out my hair on this one. Any suggestions?


    are you sure its #ccc? Looks like #999 to me. Line 558 of main.css
    Oh, and you can see it on a desktop browser – just reduce the width


    Ah ha! thanks SO MUCH wolfcry911! I came up with the CCC value by taking a screenshot on my iPhone, pulling that up in Photoshop and sampling the colour. I double-checked, and the iPhone was indeed rendering a CCC value when passed 999. How very odd.

    The CSS was also located in tcp_loop.css, and both have been removed and the problem resolved. Thanks so much for your efforts! Shrinking the browser window was the one clue I was missing. :)

    And CrocoDillon, thanks for trying anyhow! I use Firebug to debug my sites, works perfectly without right-click.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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