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    can’t center the span h4 project-text. I’m sure its something I’m f!@# up. can you guys help or lead me in the right direction at least.

    check it out

    Thanks guys

    Mikko Laine

    You’re using div inside ul. (you should only use li inside ul/ol)

    That positioning (position: absolute) is kinda useless?
    And those margin-left: 35% (margin: 0; width: 100%; and text-align: center; and it should work)
    Then there’s that image… whats the point of that? is that like something that should be removed on hover? Why not background image? or do you want to animate that?

    Here’s a quick one


    hey miko thanks for the help, I had that div inside the gallery ul for the cropping effect where it maintains image zooming into the middle. when I take that off and apply your help, it breaks that. any ideas? I want the images in the gallery to remain centered when resizing the browser. also the centering of the h4 breaks when browser is past 990px. might just be conflicting with something but i having trouble finding it.


    Use the Media Queries for make that responsive. Is the better option, I think.

    Mikko Laine

    fixed something… (background cover) and added some things now that I had a little bit more time to play with that.

    check above.

    (just use that one and add the top/bottom bars ?)


    @mikkoLaine Thanks I’ll take a look. did you notice the zooming issue that I described?

    Thanks for the link


    I can’t find the reason why this a background won’t fill the entire image.

    Mikko Laine

    That would be because browsers add margins to hN elements by default.

    h4 { margin: 0; } and it works.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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