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    Re: Q2.

    I don’t know what you mean by a gap. There certainly isn’t one in the Fiddles I’ve been putting up for you. I can only think that you have a problem somewhere else.


    Re: Q3.

    No, I wouldn’t do that. If you want the mailing box to be higher than the others then it makes more sense to push the others down with some margin-top.


    thanks.. the issue is fixed.. but do you mind to explain a little bit to me how you did that.

    When I look to your logo div, it looks like the same except you have set max-height and added margin top.. may i know why we can’t use height in this case and have to use max height to get what you have done?

    Yeah, it looks weird but I can see something like a small padding on both side of the screen even i have set 100%.. i dont find any padding used in footer though.. do you have any idea how to fix this in the right way. besides of using extra wide width in the style?

    pushing down others you meant is like adding top margin on the others div next to this mailinglist div?

    thanks again for your time and patience


    For the logo div, I set the max-height to the same as the image to make sure that no extra padding crept in. If you change the height of the logo div the image will always be at the top left of the div unless you add margin to the image…it’s as broad as it’s long.

    For the footer, you might not have used a reset in your css…you can research it but often just this will help.

    * {

    Q3…Yep that’s it.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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