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    I used one of Chris’s themes on my WordPress site for an organization called The 1010 Project. When you visit or any page that has a side bar on the right hand side, the footer jumps up to the bottom of the page-wrap in all IE browsers versions before IE 8.0.

    I have little knowledge of IE fixes and bugs and built the whole site in FireFox…

    Is anyone aware of how I might be able to fix this issue quickly? Thanks.

    The site link is

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    Ok – I got it working by making the <div id="page-wrap"> ended after the footer. It might be a little tricky finding the right </div>, I ended up deleting 2 </divs> and putting one after the footer </div>… then it seemed to work :)

    If you need any help, give us a shout.

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    Thanks… that makes a ton of sense… unfortunately for me I am having a problem with deciding between the header.php and footer.php files and which </div>’s to remove or add. Is there a way you could possibly be a little more specific, I fear I might mess things up a little too much if I start playing around too much with the coding. Thank you for the help initially.

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    Ok :)

    The file you need to look at should be your footer php file, although I cant be certain as I can not see it… I would suspect that the file should start with a load of </div>’s, if not it might be a little more complex… It all depends how the html was split up.

    could you paste whats in your footer.php, that might be the easiest way for me to check. :D

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    <div class="clear"></div>

    <div id="push"></div>


    <div id="footer">
    <a href="">Home</a&gt; | <a href="/privacy">Privacy Policy</a> | <a href="/media">Media</a> | <a href="/faq">FAQs</a> | <a href="/contactus">Contact Us</a> | <a href="/links">Links</a> | <a href="">Log-in</a&gt;

    <p style="color:#704A11;font-size:1em;">&copy; 2003 – 2008 The 1010 Project, a 501(c)(3) organization | 1101 S Washington St. Denver, CO 80210 | Phone: 720.253.8426 | Email: <a href=""></a></p>

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>



    Thank you so much for your help!!

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    Ok – unfortunatly it looks like the </div>’s you need to remove are going to be in your page.php, single.php, and any templates that you have customised pages.

    You do however need to add a </div> before <?php wp_footer(); ?> – from what I can see all the <?php wp_footer(); ?> generates is google stats wordpress plugin stuff. so thats ok. you can probably do that now without worry, as all divs will probably be closed.

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    Great! Check it out. I think this all worked… thanks so much for your help.

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    nice one :) and no probs :)

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