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    Hi there,

    I haven’t been using CSS too long but have built two webites in the last week to learn as good as possible.

    I was wondering if someone might be able to give me some feedback on the most recent site.

    Design is simple due to it being a portfilio site, but if you have any suggestions, I’m very open to crit.



    Hey Nigel Dunkley,

    It’s not to bad! I like the menu. It works very well. Although me personally would like to see a different Font and I would lose that BG.

    And I don’t know if it’s me but the audio doesn’t seem to be working. Try using embedded .swf players. I use’m often and they work pretty darn good.


    Thanks a lot,
    For some reason the audio takes around 8 seconds to load. Possibly because its uploaded to Dropbox and thats where it retrieves the file. The audio player I have is Jquery/SWF and works fine locally, but when I go through the server it takes time.

    I agree about the font, but there are so few that I like!
    Which SWF players do you use?



    Alright fellas, thanks for the feedback. Have changed the BG for something less suggestive and a bit more minimal.

    hope its better!?!


    I would think about changing the text justification for the ‘Keep in Touch’ section. Having the text stretch is leaving large whitespace. Justify right maybe? or decrease the font size?

    I am really liking any grey-scale site at the moment, so thumbs up for that from me!


    Thanks man, I’ll def change the 1st sidebar text

    I was already having doubts about this.


    First of all, nice site! BUT, I am concerned about some inconsistencies on your copy. I know it has little to do with CSS, or this might not be what you’re asking feedback on, but I’m feeling a bit giddy about your headers.

    On your homepage, for example, you have 3 different types of headers: “KEEP IN TOUCH”, “intro:”, and “Current Projects:” – one is ALL CAPS, another is small caps (with a colon), and another which is Title Case (with a colon again). Maybe you want to just choose one style and use that for all of your headings. :-)


    Thanks for the crit.
    I’ve changed the text as you suggested and also evened out the padding in the divs, so hopefully the two sidebars look a bit cleaner.

    As far as the headers, I think you mean the jquery sliders on the image pages? If so, I agree theyre a bit too much, but I didn’t want the big gaping white hole!?! I think I was hoping noone would notice the cheapshot :)

    Thanks again.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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