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    Hi Guys, this is a website I have been slowly working on for some time now.
    I wanted to have something that was simple to browse, but would look good across browsers, and most importantly function well for everyone.
    The cart system is one i created myself, I did that so I cold modify it to suit my other sites, as well as add better functionality in the future.

    A bit of critiquing would be much appreciated, thanks!


    Where’s the Link? :-)


    Whoops! link has been added to the main post, thanks


    I’ve only had a quick look but from what I’ve seen I think it’s nice!

    One thing I would change:

    When you’re looking at a photo (where you can select to buy it) I would have it so you can scroll through the photos rather than having to go back to the previous page and then clicking on another photo.

    Hope that makes sense! :)


    Yeah that makes sense, I think I will work on that, thanks


    Love it, absolutely stunning website.

    Only things I could find to pick on:

    I don’t like the hover state of the main menu
    I’d implement some kind of Google Images-like image loader in the photographs section.
    As Moofin said, make it easier to navigate through the images

    Other than that, it’s great!


    Cool thanks for your comments, I will have a look into it

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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