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    Hi all,
    I have a huge problem. I want to make a form which when i sell it over the net, they download the file with lots of information to fill out in regards to the information required. They keep it on their computer, print it etc.
    The information will not be availble on the net, But I dont know what will be the best program to use.
    I need it to look flash with drop down boxes, multi choice question etc.
    IS there anyone out there that can say the best program is, I have limited web design experience and learning quickly.
    I was thinking Adobe might be the best but if you ake it up in the latest version will people with the earlier read online versions be able to update it on the computer?
    Hope someone out there understands :lol:
    Thankyou so much in advance or have a chuckle thinking what on earth is he talking about


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    Yeah I’m a little confused :shock:

    But from what I could understand, it sounds like maybe a downloadable PDF from might be the answer. You can create these in Acrobat Professional and they can include all kinds of form elements (including drop-downs). They can be secured and even have some internet-functionality I think.

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    Maybe a html-file with the css-code (and eventually js-code) within it is just as easy? And people don’t need to install Adobe Acrobat if they don’t have it. They can just open it with their browser…

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    i would suggest building something in adobe AIR. Or atleast try it.

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    Thankyou, for your comments, it was hard to ask what i was not sure what or how to ask. Thankyou for your responses :D

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    Like Chris said,

    from what I understand

    i think doing it with pdf would be the best and add a link to get the latest version as well for those who don’t have it or need the latest.

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