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    I’m getting to the final stages of this guy and wanted to get some opinions:

    I’m working on a few remaining tid bits, namely there are some alignment issues with the menu in IE, and I need to add the player to the music page, plus some graphic changes here and there. For some reason the artist didn’t want a global player, so I didn’t do the whole site on one page, but I think it turned out ok.

    Let me know what things might be worth looking into spending some more time tweaking.



    It’s a solid design. I’m not sure if one of the things you’re going to change is the navbar, since right now the illumination hover effect has a line above it. I imagine it’s supposed to mimic the look of a "slit" with the light coming out from under it, but it doesn’t fully achieve that in a clean fashion. Perhaps taper the light off at the top rather than having a hard cut-off? I’d also speed up the animation just a tad, since people browse pretty quickly these days.

    Aside from polishing the navbar, everything else looks solid. I like the understated and clean stage-presence feel you achieved with the design overall. Good work. :)


    Thanks for the feedback – yeah the navbar has been a bit of a headache. I wasn’t getting the effect I wanted using transparent pngs, which led me to the jpegs. I do agree it may be a bit slow. The guy I built it for likes it that slow, but I think I’ll try and speed it up and see if I can get his approval once it’s done, but I’ll see if I can clean up the light effect. I’m almost thinking of adding a bit of a "shelf" so that the light looks like its got some depth to it – that may solve the issue there.


    – I have my MAC FF browser set to display in 1024×768. It requires horizontal scrolling, too wide.

    – there is no I’am Here indication after navigating a link

    – create a favicon

    – the Georgia text seems a little on the large size

    – in the gallery it be nice to be able to go to next image without having to close the current image

    – navigation is easy to follow

    – the overall design and layout is nice

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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