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    I found a slideshow javascript ( … deshow.htm) that is simple and looks good, and seems to show more promise that other galleries I’ve seen to be able to do something that no gallery out there seems to be able to do out of the box. my new wordpress theme I’m working on ( has a left and right sidebar locked to the far left and far right of the screen, and the center area fills up the space in the middle, no matter how big or small the window. What I need is for a slideshow to auto adjust its width to 100% within the div. I’ve gotten SO CLOSE! It works absolutely perfectly if you visit my website, go into firebug, and turn off the width of the div "fadeshow1" under the following path:
    •home page page-id-9 page-template page-template-default

    But I cant seem to figure out how to adjust this in my code! The height and width is assumed to be pixels and I need it to be either percentage or disabled all together.

    The other problem I’m running into is that the code wants to be in my header, and so for every other page of my site that uses the same header (all of them), I get an error message that there is a div missing in my body.

    Thanks in advance to the awesomeness that is you, oh person that spent the time reading this, knew the answer, and posted it back to me!


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    If you give us a link to your page, you’ll probably get a better response.

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    My site is Thanks!

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