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    Roly Poly

    I have a question, ideally looking for people who have a lot of experience in the design field and user experience.

    My friend has a Junk Removal company/website and a while back we had it looking pretty nice.
    We were advertising his company through google and people just were not calling…

    We started thinking, maybe the website looked too nice and people thought he would cost a lot, which in fact he out-bids the hell out of everyone..

    So my question is, how do you feel about making certain websites not look really “Great” but decent and mainly just informative..

    I can see it going both ways.. but non the less would like to get some thoughts on the matter :)

    Thanks everyone!


    send the link i will check it :)

    Roly Poly

    For starters, the website looks very web 2.0. A lot of text shadows, outlines and gradients. You can start with having a hierarchy for your typography and choosing better fonts for the web. You need to focus on the content because as of right now, it seems the company is desperate for business with all the large text. Get rid of as many images as possible.

    Out of curiosity, are you a web designer? How have you educated yourself on code and design?


    I agree with @chrisburton very much. Make the site look calm and keep it simple. Don’t use all those fancy box shadows and gradients too much. And add more interesting content. :)

    Maybe you could check out It may help a bit :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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