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    Here is my stripped down test page. Works every where but IE8. Don’t care about IE6/7. It simply needs to validate the captcha. In IE8 it just bypasses the js altogether so my php has to validate it. NOTE: the other pages for the php validation are not put in place so just ignore page not found if testing. It’s using the latest of each library – jQuery 1.8.3 and validate plugin 1.10.0. I tried all the usual fixes like different versions of each, comas of last rule, etc, none work. At least the way I’m doing it. Thanks a lot for any ideas and help!

    It seems if using the remote rule for the captcha it makes IE8 not work in my test page.’s remote captcha demo DOES work in IE8 seen here NOTE: I tried changing the remote rule in my test page to exactly how he has it in his demo – if memory serves me correct it made IE8 almost work – it made use of the validate plugin but failed to valdate the captcha correctly – actually I believe they all failed to validate correctly – seeing wrong answers when indeed correct etc.

    And all my old demos work in IE8 seen here Because there is no remote rule in place

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